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About thirty five years ago I talked myself into a managerís job without any management training. The company was a start-up with a single project, the development and installation of a complex system, the first of its kind, half way around the world, with minimal testing facilities.

Not having had any management training, and not knowing any better, as a systems engineer, I used a systems thinking approach to lead the development and installation of the control subsystem and achieved success in what turned out to be a high risk project.

Some years later I studied management at the postgraduate level, achieved the Certified Manager certification and discovered that by all the then published metrics, the project should have failed. It took me 15 years of research to find out the reason for the success. Much of what we did is not in the traditional project management and systems engineering literature and so I have created this ongoing set of blogs to share the systems approach to project management via the ICPM.


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29 February 2016

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12 January 2016

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2 December 2015

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2 November 2015

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9 October 2105