Online individual training in

Systems thinking

Systems engineering

Project management

Let 21st Century technology bring the educational opportunity to your personal computer.

Start when you are ready or wait for a group – your choice

Experience the learning at your own pace

Teaching methodology and course content are based on 20 years of research into

1.     the use of the Internet for teaching and learning

2.    research into ways of teaching systems thinking


1.     Ideal for busy engineers and managers who cannot take time off for a block mode or full-time course.

2.     Nearly the same content as regular short courses in systems engineering, systems thinking and project management, adjusted for individual self-paced learning (some additional material included).

Introductory price

Limited time only


per person



Group discounts

Each session contains

1.     Video lecture.

2.     Lecture slides in pdf format.

3.     One or more optional applied exercises to reinforce learning. These will be marked up and graded.

4.     One-on-one prescheduled tutorial discussions and help via Skype and other video communications channels.

Pay via PayPal

Full refund if not satisfied before third session,

prorated from then on

For more information

contact g3zcz @

Some sessions may contain

1.     Readings for in-depth knowledge of topic

2.     Extra video snippets

3.     Guest lectures

4.     Pointers to additional web sites for more in-depth information

Checkout the sample videos on

 my YouTube video channel

Participation in a course entitles you to

1.     Join a weekly wide-range systems engineering and systems thinking discussion group tackling problems brought by group members

2.     25% discounts on books, some of which are used as texts for the courses.

Each different delivery mode can be optimized to take advantage of the system.

These individual self-paced learning modules can be customized to the individual’s needs. The customization can take the form of emphasis on certain not-well understood aspects by he individual, or focus on a particular domain for exercise examples.