A log utility for WSJT-X. Allows access to logbook for analysing and editing contacts. This is a utility I use together with the WSJT-X software, and is a work in progress.

It is freely available for use and distribution at no further cost, but I retain the copyright.

Some uses are to:

· Locate potential duplicates and delete them

· Edit the band information after changing frequency and forgetting to tell WSJT-X that I changed frequency.

· Telnet to local DXCluster and send and receive DX Alerts.

Download latest version (0.3.1.) here.

zcz log 0.2.1.JPG

Features in the current version include:

· Finding the call in the log

· Automatically identifying duplicate contacts

· Removing duplicate contacts

· Checking on which bands I’ve worked the station

· Finding the grid square in the log

· Filtering out (and removing) erroneously entered ‘RR73’ grids

· Editing the log book

· Notebook style editor for text files

· Automatically updating when WSJT–X logs a contact

· Customizable colours, position of the grid panel, fonts and other attributes through the ‘Settings’ menu option

· Grids display can be located on the left or the right side of the log depending on your preference

· Shows QSO statistics for QSOs by mode and band


· Automatic notification of new or previous contact when a CQ is answered

· Automatic connect option

· Send DX alerts manually to DX Cluster

· Optional automatic sending of DX alerts when you log a contact

· Signals you when a user defined ‘alert call’ is announced

· Signals you when some text you want to look for is seen in an alert, e.g., VKFF

· Add your own DX Cluster URL

· Option to ignore DX spots from someone misusing the system

· Counts unique calls and grids heard in a session