Speaker for professional society meetings

Several of my bespoke and conference presentations have not dated and are still suitable for presenting at professional society meetings either in person or via a distance mode.  I'm told that I have a reputation for asking questions that don't have answers.Well, those are the questions that generate further research, but also provide some interesting post-presentation discussions. Sometimes those discussions last as long as the presentation. If you need a speaker, even at short notice, let's talk . Most of the presentations listed in publications are available.

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Recommended presentations are 

Systems Engineers - the wizards of modern society ?


Does Object-Oriented System Engineering Eliminate the Need for Requirements?

This presentation examines system engineering (SE) and object-oriented (OO) methodologies. It:

  • shows both that SE is inherently OO and,
  • OO languages such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML) may be used to document the userís needs in a manner that can be used by developers.
  • suggests a next generation tool concept that can be used to hold both user and developer representation of the userís needs as an alternative to, and an improvement on, text mode “requirements, hence increasing the reliability of the shared meaning of the userís needs amongst all stakeholders.

First given in 2002, this presentation still generates a lively debate.